This could be you!

One of our players, Lisa came to Hobart as an exchange student 12 months ago and wrote about her experience playing UWRugby:

When you say to someone new that you practice underwater rugby, you usually get two kind of reactions: the first one includes opened mouth and eyes wide followed by the question: “Underwater what? How can you attack people under the water?”.

The second one is “the non-reaction” which actualizes with a: “Ah”. Probably the interlocutors think they understood wrong or they do not want to show you they have no idea about its existence. Or simply they do not care (fair enough!).

My first reaction was not far from both of them. I wanted to practice a sport during my exchange year and I thought: “let’s try!”. So the reason why I started is nothing special.  On contrary, the reason why I kept playing is a bit more relevant.

The first training was embarrassing for me! Once I entered in the water I was so clumsy, I could not manage the gear properly or even reach the bottom of the pool. Anyway, I had been patient enough to wait for the game to begin and then I had been able to see what really happens under 5 meters of water: it was one of the most amazing shows I had ever seen and that was the moment I said: “I want to do that”.

Training has been a good way to improve my fitness while learning a new sport. But more importantly, joining the team meant meeting wonderful people that made my exchange experience much more valuable than what I expected. I had the chance to make new friends and share this crazy passion that reaches the level of an addiction.

For these reasons (and many others) I would suggest to everybody to come and try Underwater Rugby. Not everybody falls in love at first sight with it, but many others do and that is true love! 🙂

Lisa (far-right) alongside the newest members of UWR Tasmania at the Pan Pacific Cup (Brisbane) in April 2015.

Lisa (far-right) alongside the newest members of UWR Tasmania at the Pan Pacific Cup (Brisbane) in April 2015.

Still not convinced? Try this flowchart:

UWR Flowchart(1)


Join Underwater Rugby Tasmania in 2014

New year, new us. We are now meeting EVERY Tuesday night at the Hobart Aquatic Centre, from 19:30 to 21:00.


As the top team in Australia, in 2014, we’re more ambitious than ever on the competitive side. But we also want more locals to try UWR. So if you’re new, don’t be shy, we were all new one day. We’re all here to have fun. Girls welcome. Bring whatever equipment you have. Don’t eat too much before you come. Pool entry is only $5

Underwater Rugby is coming to Hobart in 2012

Heard the news?

“UWR become an officially recognised Australian sport with the stamp of approval from the Australian Underwater Federation”. Check out this interview on ABC local Hobart and video coverage by Fairfax.

So you are invited to the next Underwater Rugby game in Tasmanian waters (check the countdown on the right!)

Have you ever:

  • Held your breath for 20 seconds?
  • Equalised your ears?
  • Done some snorkelling?
  • Enjoyed playing a team sport?
  • Been bored swimming laps?
  • Imagined yourself playing a fully tri-dimensional game with  no gravity?

If you’ve answered YES to all of these, then you’re definitely ready for your first game of Underwater Rugby! 4pm start, bring your own mask, snorkel and fins (caps if you have any) $4.80 entry.

Get in touch by email if you want to learn more about this event and you can read on if you want to know more about UWR.