But what IS underwater rugby?

First, some honest FAQs:

Is it like rugby?
Yes and No: you can “tackle” other players, but the ball is round and you can actually pass it in any direction. You score by putting the ball in a basket at the bottom of the pool.

Is it violent?
Players fight for possession of the ball but kicks, punches or strangling are definitely not allowed. Faces/heads/teeth are protected by your cap, snorkle and mask. In fact, instances of injuries in UWR are very rare.

Can girls play?
Yes! Most teams are mixed.

Will I drown?
No: other players can only touch you if you have the ball. People will hold onto you if you hold onto the ball but before you run out of air, you can release the ball or pass it to a team-mate and you will be free to come back to the surface.

Is it hard to play?
At world-cup level, the game is extremely fast-paced and engaged; for social games, you can expect to play a slower version with less power. Importantly, new players need to get used to playing in the 3rd dimension as contrary to any other team sport, underwater rugby players can move vertically as well as horizontally. Quite an experience…

Want to know more about UWR? This great new site will explain everything:

A video can speak a thousand words:

And one thousand videos can take while to watch…


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